What is the Fish Hub?

New tools to manage your fishing business and get access to quota


Wheelhouse is a social app that keeps you connected to your fishing community. You can set up your own marketing page and tell people where to find your product. You can see what's happening with the latest news, events, photos, and videos of the catch of the day! Plus, there’s a dashboard to keep track of all the daily essentials, including trip info, updates from your NOAA accounts, and much more.

Boat Plan

A tool for improving your bottom line.
Boat Plan is a business planning tool built just for fishing businesses. It helps you plan and track trip expenses, crew payments and estimate potential profits when you want to lease more quota. Everything is set up when you create a Harvest Plan for the fishing year. You can start with the quota you own and see how leases and purchases change the game. Track the key status of your fishing trips and automatically generate monthly reports to see where you stand. There are several ready-made reports available to minimize the burden of reporting to leasing programs and risk pools. Watch your stats, plan for loans and control the bottom line.

Quota X

Owning quota can mean tracking lots of transactions. The Quota X is built to help keep track of what’s being fished, leased, and traded. Individual quota owners can create quota portfolios to track quota in ways that are meaningful to their business and stay on top of account balances. The QuotaX primary goal is to make managing quota programs easier. It has special tools for Permit Banks, Risk Pools and Sectors to share information and manage data seamlessly.

Citizen Science

You know the ocean, you're out there every day. The Citizen Science App allows you to create a group and collect data that makes a difference. Define your research goals, collect data together, and manage it with integrity and credibility. With Citizen Science a community can take control of the local science agenda and play a key role in setting future policies about resource management.

Town Hall

Need to manage your council strategy? Want to work together on common goals? Town Hall is a private community space for getting together to create a statement of position and track your strategy for action.  Share data and talking points when engaging in advocacy work. Use the bulletin board to create working groups, survey the group, and communicate the impact of new programs.