Leasing Application Process

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It is good to hold an information session to review the application with the fishermen and offer technical assistance during the application process.  Your application release and deadline for submission depends on your program, start of the fishing year and other factors. 
In our program, based on a Scallop fishing year beginning March 1st, we found:

  • Release the application:  Sometime in October.  It helps to give them plenty of time if you can to work with their CPA or accountant for any information they may need to supply.  Also to keep that timeframe away from January when CPA’s are too busy with 1099’s and W2’s to be able to address much else.
  • Deadline:  A good deadline is before Christmas and or just after.   Also helps them review where they are and tax implications before end of year.  However, your P&L information from the businesses will not be able to include full year data.
  • Staff Review:  Staff has about 2 -4 weeks to review the applications.
  • Board/committee Approval: Present to approval committee in February
  • Letters to Applicants:  Sent out within two weeks of committee approval.
  • Lease Signings:  March 1st through May 1st. 

Here is what we posted on the fish hub to inform fishermen about our application process.