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June 16, 2013

Many people have asked what it takes to manage a quota leasing program. The following presentation will show you the steps we have taken to manage our program on an annual basis.  


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June 11, 2013

When developing your loan or lease application keep in mind your program and organizational needs and requirements including any eligibility, reporting and data collection.  Don’t forget any statistical reporting required by your organization or funders. 
You will also need to provide your potential applicants with a program description:
Using the online...

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June 10, 2013
By Fish Hub
June 9, 2013

It is good to hold an information session to review the application with the fishermen and offer technical assistance during the application process.  Your application release and deadline for submission depends on your program, start of the fishing year and other factors. 
In our program, based on a Scallop fishing year beginning March 1st, we found:

  • Release the application:  Sometime in October.  It helps to give them plenty of time if you can to work with...
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June 8, 2013

Elgibility Criteria for any program are basic building blocks of what is important to any organization that is offering the program or service.  For the Cape Cod Fisheries Trust we looked at what was important to our organization and what was important in a strong sustainable business model.
Here is the elibility criteria we have for the Cape Cod Fisheries Trust:

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