How it works

Setting up a Fish Hub for community fisheries management is easy! Here's how it works.

Getting started

It only takes a few simple steps to get a Fish Hub community up and running.

  • Contact us to get your own community site
  • Set up your Community Manager profile
  • Customize your community site
  • Invite Members

For Community Members, it’s even easier

  • Create a Fish Hub profile
  • Connect your NOAA accounts
  • See everything in one place, with one password

Fish Hub community sites are easy to customize. No technical background is needed. There are tutorials throughout the Fish Hub to help you get started. And we are here to provide assistance to get you on your way.

Quota Programs

Permit Banks, Risk Pools and Sectors offset some of the challenges in the catch shares system and help fishermen deliver more profits to the boat. To make this possible, these programs have reporting and data management requirements.

Fish Hub provides specialized tools to ease the reporting and data management typical for most types of quota programs. Managers can collect data from members, send notifications and provide fleet wide reports.

We’ve found that the information needed by quota programs is also valuable to fishermen too. Fish Hub captures this data through tools that are useful for fishermen. These tools make sharing information easy, while keeping it safe and secure. Members are in control of who sees the information they share. Fish hub is also a “read-only” service, which means that you can’t move quota in and out of a NOAA account.


Fish Hub has used bank-level security to ensure that your data is always safe. Every Fish Hub community is a unique site, and only members with accounts within your community can see the community’s activity. You have full control over your own information, and you choose when you want to share it and with whom.

Click here to learn more about how your data is kept safe.


Depending on the size of your community and how many members you’d like to invite to your Fish Hub, we offer a variety of pricing levels to help you meet your needs.

Fish Hub was built by the Cape Cod Fisheries Trust, the Pacific IFQ Risk Pool communities with support from The Nature Conservancy, and the Community Development Partnership through generous grants made by the Walton Family Foundation, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, National Fish and Wildlife Federation and Erol Foundation.

Pricing packages are set to cover maintenance and ongoing enhancements to the platform. Ask about pricing.


The Fish Hub is built for customization. Each community has a place to tell their story, and add lots of content that’s unique to them.

New apps and features will be added over time to meet the needs of the fishermen and the growing number of new quota programs. The platform is built on an open source content management system that has a strong community of developers behind it.

Amplifier Catalyst is the technology company behind the Fish Hub. We’ve worked closely with a group of fishing industry participants in two regions in the US to build the first version of the platform. We are engaged with a great team of partners who are interested in offering Fish Hub across the industry. If you have ideas or suggestions about new features or know people who would be interested in contributing to it, please get in touch.