About the Partners

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is highly involved in catch share fisheries in the United States. Their aim is to help protect millions of acres of lands and waters across the continent through specific mission driven programs. Their involvement with Fish Hub is providing input to achieve conservation and social goals, in particular, through the protection of sea-floor habitat and reduction in by catch of declining species.

Cape Cod Fisheries Trust

With the support of a generous two-year grant from the Walton Foundation, this organization created a catch share management structure for the local Cape Cod community. Their aim is to keep catch shares within the hands of local fishermen in order to strengthen the economic and social conditions of the community.

Community Development Partnership (CDP)

CDP manages, underwrites and services the Trust’s scallop leasing program and advises on groundfish processes. With CCCHFA, CDP develops lease approval and allocation policies, procedures and criteria. It educates fishermen about the program, provides them with technical assistance through the application process, and offers support services to fishing businesses to become more efficient and profitable, with a special focus on business process improvement and retaining local crew. CDP also collects data for the Trust’s monitoring and evaluation efforts.

Amplifier Strategies

Both CCFT and TNC have selected Amplifier Strategies as a partner in business modeling and strategic planning for various projects within their organizations. Amplifier Strategies is a social enterprise that works primarily with foundations and non-profits to create and measure the impact of their social investments.

Amplifier Catalyst

AmplifierCatalyst, Inc. is an independent technology product development company. The company is the primary technology partner to Amplifier Strategies. AmplifierCatalyst is responsible for developing Fish Hub. The company specializes in building cloud-based technology platforms that bring value and efficiency to communities.