About Us

Fish Hub is made by an industry group who recognizes the need for collaboration tools in the highly regulated catch share fisheries. Our aim is to bring efficiency to those collaborations, as well as unique tools for managing businesses that are operating under catch shares.

Fishing communities and regions have taken great strides in designing and addressing the challenges of catch-share programs. Through those efforts, there has been some information sharing, but it has not been systematic and available to communities just getting started. This situation has resulted in several challenges:

  • Lack of clarity about a blueprint for high-performing community-based fishery management organizations.
  • Limited sharing of processes, legal expertise, and technology to deal with common technical and administrative impediments.
  • Higher costs because each organization is solving its own challenges using small-scale solutions and heavily manual work processes.
  • Unsystematic education of and communication of information to stakeholders.
  • Difficulty in coordinating data collection, research, and performance monitoring and developing an industry-wide perspective.
  • Designing collective fishing arrangements that protect both fishermen and declining species from overharvesting of bycatch species.

To address this challenge, we’ve designed a robust set of online fishing tools based on the practical experience of The Nature Conservancy and the Cape Cod Fisheries Trust. As we improve these tools based on the lessons learned by these organizations, we are setting the stage for the development of a broader national tool kit.

Though we are still in the early beta stages of release, we are looking for communities to test Fish Hub, and help us design an industry tool kit that you yourself would want to use.

If you are interested in learning more about this project and would like to request a demo, please contact us at info@fishhub.org.